Advokat Banja Luka Savo Kapisoda

“Attorneys Cvijanović” is one of the Law offices with the longest tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The founder and creator of the Law firm as a family profession is the attorney Savo Kapisoda, born in Cetinje, who founded the firm back in 1966 in Banja Luka. Prior to that, Savo Kapisoda was a military prosecutor for the “Southern Adriatic” area. In the period from 1966 to 1991, as an independent attorney, he worked in the area of ​​the former SFRY. In Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, he has established himself as a renowned legal expert in the field of Criminal Law. A large number of completed criminal proceedings remained behind him, and how much attention was paid to the work of this distinguished attorney is shown in the fact that his defenses in the criminal proceedings also came out in feuilleton in Zagreb’s “Večernji List”. Attorney Savo Kapisoda ended his working and life span in 2003 in Banja Luka to be replaced by his daughter, attorney Milica Kapisoda Cvijanović, after 28 years of judicial experience.


Attorney Milica Kapisoda Cvijanović has a wealth of experience in working with local government bodies and the judiciary, and can be said to be one of the few lawyers with nearly three decades of experience in the field of criminal law. In 1976, she was appointed to the position of a judge of the Basic Court of Banja Luka, where she worked until 2004, since when she has acted as an independent attorney and a member of the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska, whose work remains prominent. During her time at the Banja Luka Basic Court, Milica Kapisoda Cvijanović also served as a Deputy President of the Court for a certain period of time, and she carried out the duties of the President of the Criminal Division of the Banja Luka Basic Court. In just a few years working as an attorney, her defense style has become recognizable, as evidenced by almost all major criminal proceedings in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The third generation of the family Law firm, the sons of the lawyer Milica Cvijanović, the attorneys Branislav and Vladimir Cvijanović, advance further the work of the office “Attorneys Cvijanović”.


Attorney Branislav Cvijanović has continued to walk the beaten track of the office’s founders since 2004.  What is new is the shift in the work orientation of this attorney, which is more focused on other branches of the Law, which further enhances the capacity of the Law firm, which has the intention of expanding in almost all areas of the Law, both intellectually and structurally.


Attorney Vladimir Cvijanović gained experience from his predecessors, and in particular improving his knowledge in specific legal fields, he introduced additional energy, directing it towards the highest goals in the legal profession, both in the domestic and foreign legal services market.


Today, “Attorneys Cvijanović” is a reputable office that establishes new criteria and codes of practice in the bar, cultivates a striking way of doing business and offers a wide range of services in almost all legal fields. What guarantees success and instills confidence in the new and old clients of “Attorneys Cvijanović” firm is tradition, a combination of years of experience and youth, dedicated work and professionalism.